Stoping, Cut and Fill and other underground methods

3D mine scale model of open stoping showing mining induced displacements on a horizontal cutting plane

BE specialises in application of advanced, multi-scale, discontinuum modelling tools  to simulate open stope overbreak, access conditions, filling and induced seismicity. We are the only provider of probabilistic simulation for stope overbreak potential.

Our open stoping tools incorporate:

  • Large numbers of discontinuities as well as strain softening, dilatant rock behaviour
  • Multi-scale representations of the rock and mining processes: the coupling of length scales from stope to  mine scale can be simulated
  • Direct calibration: measured deformation and energy are directly compared to deformation and energy in the model
  • Quantitative estimates of error and resolution—essential when making long term forecasts
  • Rapid response to design changes, allowing integration into the mine planning process at every stage
  • Overbreak analysis for stope mining

The intent of BE’s approach is to capture the mechanisms of stope problems  with the highest possible confidence, to enable a genuine Simulation Aided Engineering process for open stoping.

For more details contact  Dr Alex Campbell or call on +61 405 046 117.