Ground Support

A yielding system for extreme deformation. Yielding surface support beams are installed in the fibrecrete. The combination of the yielding surface support with yielding arches accommodates 750mm of wall to wall closure.

To reliably simulate the ground support response, ground deformation must be captured accurately, which means that the mechanisms of rockmass damage, dilation and deterioration must first be correctly simulated.

BE uses a multi-scale, discontinuum approach to  improve the simulation reliability of ground support capacity and demand.

We design support systems for any application, and specialise in:

  • High deformation and seismic loading environments.
  • Simulating realistic mining induced seismic sources, to evaluate the sufficiency of ground support standards for seismically active mines.
  • Static and dynamic validation of support standards. We simulate your support design in your ground conditions, using your mines expected mechanisms of loading and damage.
  • Virtual testing of  any ground support system to destruction to validate static or dynamic capacity.

For more information contact Dr David Beck at or Dr Alex Campbell  or download a paper on ground support simulation.