Coal Mine Simulation

BE introduced mine scale discontinuum 3d modelling to the coal industry as a new standard for everyday modelling tasks. This was a step change in model resolution for coal mine simulation:

Rock and coal damage and subsidence of an underground coal mine modelled with a 3D mine-scale discontinuum FE model.

  • Transparent workflow and results: BE makes all results, inputs and assumptions available to our clients – See Simulation Aided Mining Engineering: Collaborative monitoring, modelling and planning 
  • We account for geometry, structure and impacts of hydrogeology to generate more reliable and better understood subsidence forecasts.
  • We simulate interactions with groundwater in 3d, including simulation of steady-state or transient groundwater changes including the effects of structures, discontinuities and faults.

Regional geo-structural model of a coal mine. This model involved more that 12 million degrees of freedom in a non-linear discontinuum analysis.

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