About Beck Engineering

BE’s main effort is Simulation Aided Engineering for difficult geotechnical environments. We focus on rock mechanics aspects of design for extractive industries, complex civil excavations, hydromechanical interactions and dynamic loading.

  • Our main tools are robust methodologies for handling uncertainty and sophisticated, large scale, 3D discontinuum models.
  • We work with you to manage and evolve your design from concept to implementation, by assisting you to quantify your uncertainty at each step and solve problems as they arise.
  • We help extractive industries with complex decision making, where hydro or geotechnical risks might affect the bottom line.
  • We believe in total transparency, collaboration and sufficiency.
  • Our teams of experienced field engineers and applied mechanics engineers work together within your  team of  engineers,  geologists, hydrogeologists, seismologists and field scientists to help you achieve your technical and operational objectives.
  • Our reliable physics based simulations integrate with your operations: We build rock and hydro mechanical simulations that make fewer assumptions, incorporate more of your measured data, and better match field observations to improve forecast resolution.

We know you are not designing for designs sake, or modelling for modellings sake. You are focused on successful operations. Our mission is  to help you achieve your higher objective. To talk about Simulation Aided Engineering for your operations, contact BE.

BE provides consultancy services for mining and gas and oil projects world-wide. The map below shows locations for some of our recent projects.

BE project and office locations worldwide


Dr. David Beck
9 Reid Drive
Chatswood West 2067
NSW Australia
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Niedstrasse 20
12159 Berlin

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Eduardo Cordova
Integral Mining

T: +56 95 412 3108
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