Simulation Aided Engineering

Visualization of results from a numerical multi-physics multi-scale model

BE produces high fidelity discontinuum, non-linear models for mining, civil and oil and gas engineering. We work with our clients to re-engineer their designs if needed, or else, we can provide high resolution results for on-site use. The model database can be interrogated, interpreted and ground truthed on site, in your own time.

Our involvement in your SAE program can be anything from a simulation hiring service, to a partnership in the design function at your mine, to almost real-time back analysis of field observations. Some options include:

  • Model construction and running: After an initial program of data appreciation and calibration, you receive the model results for your own use, in a 4D database format. We can arrange a program of model updates whenever  you change your design or sequence.
  • Model plus appreciation: We provide the above plus assistance with results interpretation.
  • Full SAE: We work with you to develop a continuous model improvement program involving ground truthing, field measurements, model refinement and training of your engineering team to use the results in their own work. Over time, the transparency of the SAE approach will ensure that the surety and resolution of the forecasts will improve. The results are field validated and provided in a format that is easy to interprets so they are available to more members of your team, who will become more aware of the rock mechanics issues at your site. SAE will help your engineering team use and integrate the data you already collect into the decision making process.
  • Design iteration: When working on geotechnical constrained problems, design iterations to best balance the compromises between rock mechanics, economics and other constraints will be needed. At each step, a high similitude physics-based model ensures that the variables are properly accounted for. This hastens convergence towards an optimal design and sequence. We can help you implement rational SAE to improve your design processes, and develop a more robust mine plan and contingencies.

These SAE services are an addition to our traditional mining engineering services. We’ve developed the new service to answer our clients requirement for access to models of our specification, without the need to purchase licenses or retain the necessary hardware and expertise. Because our expert applied mechanics engineers build the models to your specifications, then send you the results in 4d,  you get the model you require, faster and cheaper, without losing the hands-on benefits of building the model yourself. You also gain access to our QC and technical experience building multi-physics high similitude models.

What is SAE?

Simulation Aided Engineering is a concept for leveraging computer-based design tools to improve the engineering and design work flow. For complex mines, SAE provides a virtual laboratory for testing the bottom-line performance of various courses of action at every stage in the design process, using the best available information at the time, constrained by the physics. It should also ensure that fatally flawed designs do not advance to the next design iteration.

Its purpose is to ensure:

  • that physical and economic constraints are properly appreciated at every stage from planning to operations, while
  • considering uncertainty and
  • promoting rapid progress towards an optimal outcome.

In concept, SAE, using high similitude, physics-based predictive tools differs little from best-practice non-SAE workflows that would have always used the best available information and tools to constrain the design. SAE is simply an update to account for the rapidity with which computations can now take place and the complexity that can now be captured with very high similitude. If integrated to its fullest extent, SAE for mining should result in more reliable mines and better trained personnel.

For more details contact Dr David Beck.

You can download a paper on SAE in our download section.